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What if I can't make my appointment
Please let me know as soon as you can if you can not make your appointment or want to reschedule for another time or day.
Do I need to do anything to prepare or supply anything for my appointment?
If we hadn't already had a consultation please have a think about what you like and don't like and any feel free to send or bring any pictures you have seen which have inspired you. You will also need a chair to sit on, and I may need access to water and electricity, but I will have everything else covered!
Do I need to wash my hair before the appointment?
Please do not wash your hair 24 hours prior to appointment if it can be avoided, unless I have requested that you do so.
Can my friends and family be around during my appointment?
Yes of course! This is the luxury of having a home hairdresser; you are in your home, and can do what ever you please, and our appointment can be fitted around your schedule.
What forms of payment do you accept?
I take all forms of payment; though my card machine - credit or debit card, or cash or cheque. Alternatively direct bank transfer in my presence.
What if I change my mind after the trial?
This can happen so just contact me so we can book you in for another trial. I will also be in contact with you a week prior your wedding to check you are still happy.
Do you do evening and weekend appointments?
Yes I work during evening and weekends. Working for myself I can be very flexible to suit your needs.
I want an appointment but I'm not sure what I want?
This is very common, which is why my free consultation has proved to be such a popular service, providing the opportunity for us to discuss your needs and options.
How soon can I have an appointment?
Appointments can be made from years in advance to the same day. If I have not previously skin tested you for hair colour, then this will need to be done 48 hours in advance; this is only needed for colour touching the scalp and is okay for highlights and low lights.
What if you are unwell, or are unable to keep our appointment?
In the unlikely event I am unable to make your appointment, I know a lot of other highly skilled hairdressers, and we will have a detailed plan from our trial, so they can replicate the look you want.
Will you travel abroad for my wedding?
Yes I am more than happy to travel abroad if flights and accommodation (if needed) are covered.
Do I need a trial for my wedding?
I highly recommend a trial prior to your wedding.
Do my bridesmaids need a trial?
I do recommend a trial for your bridesmaids but understand it can sometimes be hard to get everyone together.
What will occur during my wedding trial?
At the end of the trial we will have the perfect style for your wedding day. We run through a few possible ideas of what you like and what would suit you and put them to the test; I feel this is the best way for you to see what suits you and works with your dress.
Do I need anything for my wedding trial?
If you are wearing anything in your hair, such as a hairpiece or flowers, your florist is usually happy to make a mock-up for the trial. If you cannot bring your dress and veil to the trial, please bring pictures, but I strongly recommend bringing the dress and veil to the trial, so you get the best idea of the finished look we will create.
Do I wash my hair before my wedding trial?
Please don't wash your hair in the 24-hour run up to your trial - second day hair is best for up dos.

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